Summer Uniform

(week days)

* Shirt (half sleeves) – White (with insignia).

* Trousers/Tunic – Mixture Grey.

* Shorts – Mixture Grey (Nur to Class V, for boys).

* Cycling Shorts – Mixture Grey (for girls).

* Vest-White.

* Ribbon-Light Blue.

* Turban – Maroon (Class VIII and above, for Sikh boys) with light blue under turban.

* Under turban – Maroon (upto Class V).

* Handkerchief- White.

* Shoes (plain with laces) – Black.

* Socks/Belt – As per School Specification.

NOTE: – School tie not to be worn. Minimum width of Trousers Bottom for classes VI to XII – 16 inches.


* Class Playway to II – White shirt (with insignia) white Shorts/Tunic, White Ribbon/ White under turban and White Shoes, Cycling Shorts – White.

* Class III to V – House T-Shirts (with insignia), White Shorts/Tunic, White Ribbon, White under turban, White Shoes, White Cycling Shorts.

* Class VI to X – House T-shirt & Lowers (as per school specifications) light Blue Ribbon / Maroon under turban and plain Black Shoes (sneakers).

* Class XI to XII – T-shirt & Lowers, (as per school specifications) light Blue Ribbon, Maroon under turban and Plain Black Shoes (sneakers).


winter Uniform

(week days)

* Shirt – White (full sleeves)

* Trousers/Tunic – Mixture Grey.

* Cycling Shorts – Mixture Grey (for girls).

* Vest-White.

* Ribbon-Light Blue.

* Turban-Maroon (Class VIII and above, for Sikh boys) with light blue under turban.

* Sweater-As Per School Specification.

* Blazer-Navy Blue (with insignia) – (Compulsory from Class III onwards).

* Handkerchief-White

* Shoes-Black (Plain with laces).

* Socks/Belt/Tie – As per School Specifications.

* Woollen Caps – Navy Blue (Optional).

NOTE: – Girls may wear trousers

Classes Playway to II – Monday to Saturday.

* Tracksuit as per School specification, White full sleeves shirt, White vest, Black shoes (sneakers), Grey woolen Socks, Maroon under turban, light Blue Ribbon, Sweater as per school specification.

SPORTS Uniform

Classes III to XII – Wednesday, Saturday 

(AND During Inter House Sports Activities only)

* House T-Shirt, and Tracksuit  lower (as per school Specification).

* Under Turban –Maroon.

* Foot Wear-Black Shoes (Sneakers), Foot Ball Shoes, Spikes etc

* Track Suits-Navy Blue (winter).

Note: During Exam Sports uniform is not allowed.