The New Public is a premier day cum-boarding school offering a truly world class campus spread over 5 acres, in close proximity to the heart of the city Sector-17. The school offers a platform with a perfect blend of technology, modern pedagogy, culture and innovation for harmonious development of students. Our school is affiliated to the CBSE

The curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects offered by CBSE. In Sr. Sec classes we have medical/ Non-Medical and Commerce streams. The School offers state of the art boarding facilities.

Our Philosophy:-

Our philosophy is Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration. We believe that success is the good fortune that comes from this philosophy. Tagore goes to the extent of saying “Education can be imparted only by a teacher and never by a method.” Many educationists are of opinion that teachers are born but not made. These cardinal principals should be followed in order to be an effective teacher, i.e. aspiration, perspiration and inspiration and this has been the philosophy of NPS.

School Song

You helped us out, out of our cocoons

You helped us spread our wings

With your perfect guidance and motivation

Students learn to move on

NPS Magicitions.

A tree under whose shade

We are reared

Not letting evil even touch our hair

You are always there when we look back

NPS Magicitions.

We have knowledge which keeps our spirits ignited

We have power to face the challenges united

We have strength to conquer new horizon

NPS Magicitions.

May our motto guide us always

Make us worthy of goodwill and praise

It’s a flame we’ll keep burning,

Cherish dreams and fruitful journey.