Important Instructions

School Session / Term

In accordance with the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi, the school observes the academic session from April to March.

” First Term : April to September.

” Second Term : October to March.

The School observes Summer Vacation, Deepawali Vacation and Winter Vacation.

School Timings

Classes I to XII

Students should come to School not before                    7:45 a.m. (summer) / 8.00am (winter).

Summer Time: –                                                                          7:55 a.m. to 2:10 p.m.

Winter Time: –                                                                                 8.15 a.m. to 2.20 p.m. 

Playway to U.K.G.

Summer Time: –                                                                              9:00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Winter Time: –                                                                                 9:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

School Accounts Office (Public Dealing):-                        8.30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Visiting Hours

Parents and Guardians are not allowed to walk into the classrooms to consult teachers during the school working hours. They may meet the teachers during the Parent Teacher meeting, held as per schedule, during the recess or after Classes.

Principal’s Visiting Hours:                                                     9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Teachers Visiting Hours:                                                      2:10 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Registration and Admission

  • The school prepares the students for All India Secondary/Senior School Certificate Examination of CBSE for class X and XII.
  • Admission is open to all, who are mentally and physically fit, having attained the minimum age of three years, irrespective of caste, creed or social status.
  • The Name of the child may be registered for admission for Classes Playway to class XII. The Parents should complete all formalities for admission within ten (10) working days after Registration. Registration does not guarantee admission.
  • At the time of admission to class Playway/Nursery the parents are required to submit a Birth Certificate from the “Registrar of Births” as proof of age. An affidavit will not be accepted.
  • Admission to Class I to VIII will be based on the previous class results
  • Admission to Class IX will be based on the previous class results & Admission Test.
  • Admission to Class XI will be based on the subject grades of previous class results followed by qualifying test.
  • Admission to Class X & XII will be based on result of Class IX and Class XI respectively after approval of CBSE followed by qualifying admission test.
  • Students who excel in Sports will be given weight-age for admission.
  • Admissions are made subject to vacancies.
  • Students migrating from other schools must submit a Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate and Progress Report Card of the class passed in the previous school.
  • The admission of a child to the School means complete acceptance by the Parents/Guardians of the School Rules laid down/amended from time to time.
  • All disputes are subject to U.T. Chandigarh jurisdiction.

Examinations and Promotions

  1. Marks obtained in internal assessments, Unit tests and Terminal examinations are added for promotion. It is essential that a student secures 33% marks in each subject for promotion to the next class.
  2. Promotion for Class IX and XI will be based on the pattern of CBSE Examination system. It is essential that a student secures 33% marks in each subject. A student who fails in one subject will be given one additional opportunity for re-examination. If he/she fails in the re-examination, the child will be detained in the same class.
  3. Student who fails in two subjects will not be promoted to the next class.
  4. When students are ill, they should not be sent to the school. In case of illness the final result in respect of such students will be declared on the basis of term work and general performance during the session.
  5. If a student does not appear in a Test / Examination without prior permission, Re-examination fee will be charged as per School Rules.
  6. Reappear and Re-evaluation fee will be charged as per School rules.
  7. During the examination if a candidate found using unfair means which include giving or receiving assistance or found using mobile phone, papers, books, smart gadget may be detained in the same class.Withdrawals
  8. In case parents wish to withdraw their child during midsession, a prior one month notice in writing for withdrawal must be given, failing which fee for the said period will be charged.
  9. Those who plan to leave after the academic session should inform the school in writing by 1st March- failing which fee for one month will be charged.
  10. A Student who is withdrawn from the school in the month of May (before the summer vacations), shall pay the fee for the month of June as well.
  11. Transfer certificate will only be issued on the clearance of all school dues. Transfer certificate will be issued after one week of the request.
  12. Duplicate T.C./Report Card/Certificate etc. will be issued on payment as per School rules.Attendance / Leave
  13. Attendance of 75% of the total number of working days of the school in an academic year is compulsory. No pupil shall be eligible to appear in examination unless he/she puts in the required percentage of attendance. This rule holds good in respect of all classes. Parents are particularly requested to take note of this rule.
  14. If a student remains absent for six working days, his/her name shall be struck off from the school rolls and the student may be readmitted only at the discretion of the Principal. The readmission fee will be charged as per School rules
  15. Once a student joins his/her class on a working day he/she will not be permitted to leave the school during school hours, except in case of emergency. Parents should come personally to take their wards with the permission of the Principal.
  16. Leave of absence will not ordinarily be granted on the first and the last day of the school term.
  17. Attendance on the first day of school after vacations is compulsory. If a child is not present on the reopening day after vacations, a fine of Rs. 100/- per day shall be levied. Non-availability of reservation will not be accepted as an excuse for absence on the reopening day.
  18. All applications for Leave should be addressed to the Principal and submitted to the class teacher, on or before the day the leave is requested.
  19. No pupil shall absent himself/herself from the class without obtaining prior permission of the class teacher. If prior permission cannot be sought on grounds of health or unforeseen circumstances, an application for leave must be sent to the class teacher, not later than the following day. The vice principal shall sanction leave up to three days and leave for more than three days will be sanctioned by the Principal.
  20. A medical certificate shall invariably support all applications for leave on medical grounds for more than two days.Payment Schedule (School Fee)* For payment of fee we have our account with Central Bank of India, S.C.O. 30, Sector 18-C, Chandigarh.* Due Dates for payment of fee1st Installment                                    April & May                          April 10th2nd Installment                                  June & July                          June 10th3rd Installment                                  August & September           Aug. 10th4th Installment                                  October & November          Oct. 10th5th Installment                                  December & January           Dec. 10th

    6th Installment                                  February & March                Feb. 10th

    ** NOTE: –

    * Payments by Cheque without late fee will be accepted by 7th of the Month. In case payment is made by cheque, Name of Student, Admission No, Class and Telephone No. should be written at the back of the cheque. If the cheque is dishonored a fine of Rs. 250/- (over and above the late fee fine) will became applicable.

    * If the due date for payment of fee is on a bank holiday, the fee will be accepted on the next working day without late fee fine. The Bank is open on all working days irrespective of school holidays.

    * If fee is not received by the 10th of the month, a fine of Rs 100/- shall be levied.

  21. A registered notice will be sent thereafter and the name of the student will be struck off the rolls on the last working day of the month and he / she will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  22. The student will be readmitted on payment of readmission fee as per School rules.* Students, whose dues are not cleared to date, will not be allowed to appear for the terminal/final examinations. * Taxes, if any, levied by the Govt. will be charged extra.Parents may make NEFT / E Fee Transfer as per details given below and inform the School authorities through Email: with student’s details. 
    IFSC CODE CBIN0283194
    MICR CODE 160016010
    BRANCH NAME Central Bank of India, New Public School
    ADDRESS S.C.F. – 30 Sector 18-C Chandigarh – 160018
    CONTACT NO. 172-2773416
    School Account Name New Public School
    School Fee Account Number 3578053588



    Fee Refund Rules

    * Generally no refund of fee is permitted on account of withdrawal / absence from School once a student is admitted.

    * A refund claim may, however, be admitted on merit after due consideration of request. If approved the amount of refund shall be within the limits stated below.

    * Registration fee and admission fee are not refundable.

    * Any time after admission, but before the expiry of 15 days, from the date of commencement of classes, one month fee will be charged.

    * After 15 days from the date of commencement of classes no refund will be given.


    The School shall not be liable for any damages/charges on account of injuries, fatal or otherwise which may be sustained by the student at any time during his/her stay in the school, while taking part in studies, sports, tracks, tours, excursions and extracurricular activities, within or outside the school premises. All expenses for treatment in such cases will be borne by the Parents/Guardians.

    School Transport Facility

    * Transport of the ward to and from the school is entirely the responsibility of the parents.

    * Transport is provided to the students, on request, subject to feasibility. No special facility will be provided for any student.

    * For availing transport facility an application should be submitted to the school office.

    * Transport Fee will be charged in two installments (April to Sept. and Oct. to March). Fee once paid is not refundable.

    * To discontinue the facility during Mid-Session a written application must be submitted to the school office before the beginning of the next Fee Installment due.

    * Fee for eleven months in a year is charged from students availing the facility of school transport.

    * If the child avails the Bus facility even for one day the Bus charges will have to be paid as per the installment of that particular period.

    * One time Insurance charges of Rs 200/- will be levied at the beginning of the session.

    It shall be the responsibility of the parent to see that the child reaches at the Bus Stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled time.

    * For single side bus facility the charges shall be 75% of the Bus charges.

    * Student indulging in aggressive or violent behavior will not be allowed to travel by school Bus.

    Summer Uniform

    (week days)

    * Shirt (half sleeves) – White (with insignia).

    * Trousers/Tunic – Mixture Grey.

    * Shorts – Mixture Grey (Nur to Class V, for boys).

    * Cycling Shorts – Mixture Grey (for girls).

    * Vest-White.

    * Ribbon-Light Blue.

    * Turban – Maroon (Class VIII and above, for Sikh boys) with light blue under turban.

    * Under turban – Maroon (upto Class V).

    * Handkerchief- White.

    * Shoes (plain with laces) – Black.

    * Socks/Belt – As per School Specification.

  23. NOTE: – School tie not to be worn. Minimum width of Trousers Bottom for classes VI to XII – 16 inches.WEDNESDAY, SATURDAYClass Playway to II – White shirt (with insignia) white Shorts/Tunic, White Ribbon/ White under turban and White Shoes, Cycling Shorts – White.* Class III to V – House T-Shirts (with insignia), White Shorts/Tunic, White Ribbon, White under turban, White Shoes, White Cycling Shorts.* Class VI to X – House T-shirt & Lowers (as per school specifications) light Blue Ribbon / Maroon under turban and plain Black Shoes (sneakers).* Class XI to XII – T-shirt & Lowers, (as per school specifications) light Blue Ribbon, Maroon under turban and Plain Black Shoes (sneakers).winter Uniform(week days)

    * Shirt – White (full sleeves)

    * Trousers/Tunic – Mixture Grey.

    * Cycling Shorts – Mixture Grey (for girls).

    * Vest-White.

    * Ribbon-Light Blue.

    * Turban-Maroon (Class VIII and above, for Sikh boys) with light blue under turban.

    * Sweater-As Per School Specification.

    * Blazer-Navy Blue (with insignia) – (Compulsory from Class III onwards).

    * Handkerchief-White.

    * Shoes-Black (Plain with laces).

    * Socks/Belt/Tie – As per School Specifications.

    * Woollen Caps – Navy Blue (Optional).

  24. The school rules are applicable to the students from the time they leave home for school.
  25. The school rules are applicable to the students from the time they leave home for school.
  26. The school rules are applicable to the students from the time they leave home for school.
  27. The school rules are applicable to the students from the time they leave home for school.
  28. The school rules are applicable to the students from the time they leave home for school.
  29. The school rules are applicable to the students from the time they leave home for school.
  30. The school rules are applicable to the students from the time they leave home for school.
  31. The school rules are applicable to the students from the time they leave home for school.
  32. NOTE: – Girls may wear trousersClasses Playway to II – Monday to Saturday.* Tracksuit as per School specification, White full sleeves shirt, White vest, Black shoes (sneakers), Grey woolen Socks, Maroon under turban, light Blue Ribbon, Sweater as per school specification.SPORTS UniformClasses III to XII – Wednesday, Saturday (AND During Inter House Sports Activities only)* House T-Shirt, and Tracksuit / lower (as per school Specification).* Under Turban Maroon.

    * Foot Wear-Black Shoes (Sneakers), Foot Ball Shoes, Spikes etc.

    Note: During Exam Sports uniform is not allowed.

    * Track Suits-Navy Blue (winter).

    Note: During Exam Sports uniform is not allowed.

    Rules & Regulations


  33. The school rules are applicable to the students from the time they leave home for school.
  34. Ignorance of school rules will not be taken as an excuse for breaking them.
  35. Always remember to say ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry’, which are the most graceful words.
  36. All Students must carry their Almanac and Identity Card.
  37. Students should stand up, button up their blazers and remove their hands from their pockets at the approach of the teachers and visitors and GREET THEM.
  38. Any breach of Conduct is an offence.
  39. English is to be spoken at all times.
  40. It is prohibited to bring Mobile Phones/Electronic gadgets / Valuable Articles / Jewelry / Smart Watches / Wrist Bands to school. If a student is found carrying a Mobile phone/ electronic gadget to school, it will be confiscated and deposited in the office. It will be returned to the parents at the end of the academic session with a fine of Rs. 5000/-.
  41. Personal lockers are available at main Gate for the convenience of Students (charges as per school rules).
  42. Students themselves are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.
  43. Students of classes VIII to XII are allowed to wear a wristwatch.
  44. Students are allowed to commute by Motorcycle, Scooter or Moped, provided they have a valid Driving License and written permission from the Principal. It is compulsory for the boys as well as girls to wear a Helmet.
  45. Magazines, novels, comics, etc. should not be brought to the school.
  46. Waste paper and other refuse should be thrown into the dustbin. Polythene bags are strongly discouraged.
  47. During assembly and recess students should not remain in the classroom.
  48. During school hours no student shall leave the school premises without the written permission of the Principal or Vice Principal. Permission will be granted only on request from the parents.
  49. At a time only one student per class is allowed for conveniences against a pass issued by the teacher.
  50. Students are prohibited to buy eatables from street vendors.
  51. Visitors and friends are not allowed to meet students during school hours.
  52. Parents are requested not to visit the classrooms of their children.
  53. Parents may meet the teachers on ‘Parent-Teacher’ meeting day, during the recess time or after the school hours.
  54. Teachers and Prefects are responsible for discipline in school and for the enforcement of rules.
  55. Parents are informed that the children may be sent home and put to great inconvenience for: -i)     Coming late to school.ii)    Not wearing proper uniform.iii)   Parents not having signed the student’s diary.iv)   If suffering from contagious diseases.
  56. Students should be courteous to the Driver, Bus Attendant and the Watchman.
  57. Peanuts, Chewing gum and Junk Food (Noodles, Burger, Chips, Cold Drinks, Candies, etc.) are prohibited.
  58.  Lending and borrowing money or other articles is not allowed.
  59. Wearing low waist trousers with narrow bottoms is not allowed.
  60. Any damage to school property even by accident must be reported to the class Teacher or warden.
  61. Parents/Guardians are liable to pay for or replace any damage to School property without any dispute.
  62.  Bunking of classes is strictly forbidden.
  63. No attendance will be given for the suspension period.
  64. Parents are responsible for the welfare of the child after the school hours.It is understood that the school authorities will take all care and precautions to safeguard the pupils. However, the school shall not be responsible for any mishap beyond their control / Noncompliance of rules and regulations.
  65. Students of Classes I – VIII Rs 50/- for not wearing proper uniform / coming late to School.
  66. School rules may be changed without any prior notice.RaggingRagging is strictly prohibited in the school.DEPORTMENT1)       Students should at all times maintain high standard of manners. In particular-                * They should show consideration for the needs of others.* They should take pride in their personal appearance.* All ladies, Gentlemen and visitors should be greeted.

    * They must stand up (and remove hands from pockets) at the approach of ladies and gentlemen of                            their acquaintance.

    2)     Habitual idleness, irregular attendance, disobedience or misconduct is sufficient reason for the dismissal             of a student.Late Arrivals

    1)   The school gate will be closed at 8.05 am in summers and 8.25 am in winters.

    Students will be fined as under.

    a)  Students of Classes I – VIII Rs 50/- for not wearing proper uniform / coming late to School.

b)  Students of Classes IX – X Rs 100/- for not wearing proper uniform / coming late to School.

c)  Students of Classes XI – XII Rs. 200/- for not wearing proper uniform / coming late to school.


1)   The class teacher must approve all pens used in school.

2)   Pencils are to be used up to class IV.


1)    Parents are requested to see that their children are neat and tidy for school each morning.

2)   Blazers, jerseys and ties are to be worn during winter.

3)   The middle button of the blazer should be fastened except when seated.

4)   A Pullover should not be worn under the shirt.

5)   Students of class VI and above should wear House T-shirts along with sports dress for all sports activities.

6)   Undergarments must be worn with school uniform.

7)   Plain black shoes are to be worn. Broad or designed shoes are not allowed.

8)   Girls with long hair should make two plaits. (Two pony tails for shoulder length hair).

9)   Boys must keep their hair short.  (Use of Hair Gel is prohibited).

10)  Nametags should be stitched on the uniform.


The entire School Estate is in bounds with the exception of:-

1)     Servant quarters, Stores, Kitchen, School Office, Reception, Visitor’s Room and Staff Rooms.

2)    The Dispensary (except for the students under treatment).

3)    The Computer Room, Classrooms and Dormitories other than the student’s own and Dining hall except at                      meal times.

4)    Laboratories after school hours except with special permission of the concerned teacher.

5)    Canteen, Music Room, Dance Room, Auditorium, except at the time specified.

6)    Outside the School Gate after the school hours.

7)     The Hostel Linen Room.

8)      After School hours the Front Drive Way / Parking Area.


1)     Classrooms must be kept tidy.

2)     Students should not write or scribble on the walls and desks 

3)    Windows must be fastened at all times whether open or closed.

4)    Lights and fans must be switched off when classrooms are vacant.

5)    The Monitor must report to the school office in case the class is without a teacher.

6)    Running and shouting in classrooms and verandahs is prohibited.

7)    The Monitors are responsible for discipline in the classroom in the absence of the teacher. In case of                               difficulty they should seek help from the House / School Prefects.


1)    To maintain discipline in class.

2)    To clean the blackboard after every period.

3)    Chalk and duster must be kept on the teacher’s table.

4)    To report the class teacher about those who create indiscipline.

5)    To see that students move in a line.

6)    To send students, out of the classroom only with a pass.

7)    To see that the classroom is neat and clean.

8)    To seek help from the teacher on duty in case of any difficulty.


1)    Entry in the Computer room is restricted.

2)    The class attending the computer period will not enter the computer room without the permission of the                        computer instructor.

3)    Students and instructors entering the computer room must clean their hands.

4)    Silence must be observed in the computer room.

5)    Monitor screen must not be touched.

6)    Keyboards must be handled properly.

7)    Eatables, sharp objects, pens, boxes etc. are strictly prohibited in the computer room.


1)    Silence must be observed in the library.

2)   School bags / personal books are not allowed in the school library.

3)   No book shall be taken away from the reading tables without permission.

4)   Newspapers must not be removed from the newspaper stands.

5)   Scribbling / underlining on the books is strictly prohibited.

6)   One book at a time will be issued for a maximum period of one week.

7)   Reference books / periodicals shall not be issued.

8)  A fine of Rs.5.00 per day shall be charged if books are not returned within the specified time.

9)   In case of loss or damage to the library book the student will pay a fine determined by the school authorities.


1)   Silence is to be maintained at all times during the practical classes.

2)  Chemicals should be placed at allotted places.

3)   Chemicals should be handled with care.

4)   Lab Coats should be worn during the practical.

5)   All chemical tests should be done in the presence of the lab assistant or the teacher concerned.

6)   The table should be cleaned before leaving the lab.

7)   Stools should be kept in order.

8)   Gas burners and taps should be switched off before locking the lab.

9)   Glassware and apparatus should be cleaned and kept at their respective places.

10)  No student should enter the lab in the absence of the teacher.

11)   No chemicals should be taken away without the permission of the teacher concerned.


1)     Entry in the room is restricted.

2)    The class visiting the Auditorium will not enter the room without the permission of the teacher.

3)    Silence must be observed.

4)    Eatables, sharp objects, boxes etc. are strictly prohibited.

       T.T. HALL

1)     Entry to T.T. Hall is restricted – Permission from the sports in-charge is must during the school hours.

2)    All students playing T.T. must wear P.T. Shoes.

3)    Tables must not be moved without permission.

4)    The surface of the T.T. Tables should not be damaged.

5)    Lights and exhaust fans must be switched off before leaving the T.T. Hall.


1)      Playing games, running or shouting in the quadrangle is not allowed.

2)     Walking on the grass is forbidden.

3)     Plants and Trees should be cared for.

4)     Flowers should not be plucked from the school / public / private gardens.


1)     Students are forbidden to enter the canteen. They should stand in a proper line outside the canteen and make              their purchases.

2)    Students are also forbidden to go to the canteen at any other time other than recess.

3)    Students will not behave aggressively with the canteen proprietor or any of his employees.

4)    Students will not litter the areas around the canteen or the grounds.

        LOST & FOUND

1)     All items found in the school premises must be deposited with coordinators.


1)    If the school bell be heard at an unusual time or heard for longer than the usual period, the school will assemble          in the Football ground for roll call / assembly.


1)    Only members of the Staff and Prefects have the power to punish.

2)   Class Monitor is not allowed to punish the Students but should only report the offense to the class teacher /                    prefects.

3)   Corporal punishment is not allowed.

4)   The prefect on duty will supervise punishment drill during the break.

5)   As a punishment, students can be debarred from going for their monthly outings or from viewing weekly films.


A student is liable for expulsion from School / Hostel if he / she;

1)    Abuses or misbehaves with a Teacher or any School staff member.

2)   Is found consuming or in possession of cigarettes, liquor or any form of drugs.

3)   Is found indulging in any act of violence / damaging School Property.

4)   Is found indulging in Ragging.

5)   Is found stealing articles of Hostel mates shall be expelled from the Hostel.

6)   Is found to have jumped the School Boundary wall.

The following steps would be taken before a student’s permanent expulsion from School:

1)   The student would be counselled at School.

2)   The teacher will write in the Student’s Diary to inform Parents.

3)   A yellow card (warning) will be issued and Parents will be called to meet the Principal.

4)   A blue card (suspension for two weeks) will be issued.

5)   A red card (permanent expulsion from School/Hostel) will be issued.

Reassurance from the student’s parents or the guardians will not be entertained.

                         Document and Miscellaneous charges
S. No.                                                          Item Amt
1 Admission Form 100.00
2 Certificate – Bonafide / D.O.B. Certificate 100.00
3 Certificate – Class X / XII Board Examination – Appearing Certificate 100.00
4 Certificate – Duplicate Character Certificate 100.00
5 Certificate – Miscellaneous Certificates 100.00
6 Certificate – Transfer Certificate for Class X and XII / Duplicate 100.00
7 Correction of Name and Details from CBSE 500.00
8 Correction of Name or other Data in the School Records 100.00
9 Duplicate Fee Book 100.00
10 Duplicate I Card 50.00
11 Duplicate School Detailed Marks Card 50.00
12 Duplicate Scooter Pass 100.00
13 Duplicate Student Diary / Calendar 100.00
14 Parking Charges – Motor Cycle / Scooter per Annum 500.00
15 Possession of Mobile in the School premises – Fine 5,000.00
16 Possession of Vehicle without Valid Driving Licence – Fine 2,000.00
17 Re-Admission Charges 500.00
18 Reappear / Re-Examination Charges per subject 300.00
19 Revaluation Charges per Subject 300.00
20 Students Lockers (Per Annum) 2,000.00